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This class satisfies the requirement that Agents complete a Law and Ethics Update course every 2 years, which is specific to the license held by the licensee and covers industry law updates, premium discounts, ethics, disciplinary trends, industry trends, and suitability of insurance products.  This 2-20 license-group online course is divided into 7 areas of study: Jurisdiction of duties and responsibilities, Licensing requirements, Florida statues, Department communication and Guaranty association, Insurance law and updates, Ethical requirements, Disciplinary and Industry trends with seven multiple-choice Unit Quizzes and one Final Exam.  It is designed as a self-paced course done entirely online at your convenience.

This course has been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for insurance continuing education credit. No classroom attendance required. This FL Intermediate CE course is approved for 9 hours of CE credit, including 4 hours of CE05220 Law and Ethics Update - General Lines, and 5 hours CE0220 General Lines (Property and Casualty) general elective credits. This course is usable for all general lines - related licenses (2-20, 4-40, and 20-44).

NOTE: Due to a new law, if your CE Compliance period ends 1/31/22 or after, this is the course you need to take for your Law & Ethics Update requirement, giving you 4 hours of CE 5-215 credit. If your CE compliance period ends before 1/31/22, you are still under the old law and need the 5-hour Law & Ethics course. That is a different course, which we also have available.

Course Provider: OnLine Training, Inc. 
FLDFS Provider #: 366468
Course Approval #: 120121
Course Offering #: 1154395
OLT Course #: INSCE019FL5h

Course Authority:
CE 5-220 Law & Ethics Update - General Lines - 4 hours
CE 2-20 General Lines (Property & Casualty) general elective - 5 hours

This course is also acceptable for the 2-33, 4-40, 4-42, and 20-44 licensee.

This annual course expires December 31, 2022

Provider Info
Course Offering ID # 1154395
Provider Name OnLine Training
Provider # 366468
Course Approval # 120121
Course Info
Satisfies State Requirements Florida
License Type 2-20, 4-40, and 20-44
Course Length 9 hours Course Authority: CE 5-220 Law & Ethics Update - General Lines - 4 hours CE 2-20 General Lines (Property & Casualty) general elective - 5 hours
Enrollment Length 1 month
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $49.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor Jeff King

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