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Successful personal growth depends on our attitude; therefore, it’s imperative to develop the right attitude. This course will show you how important it is to choose a winning attitude. You’ll learn that attitude defines who you are, and just like you’re responsible for all your actions and for choosing what goes into your mind, you’re also responsible for picking the attitude that expresses your best behavior for success.

You will realize that this skill, like any other, can be mastered with practice. Personal development and growth starts with the right attitude.

The module is broken into five Lessons:

  • Chapter 1:         Defining Your Attitude
  • Chapter 2:         We Choose Our Attitude Based on What Goes into Our Minds
  • Chapter 3:         Attitude in the Workplace
  • Chapter 4:         Feelings Articulate Your Attitude
  • Chapter 5          Results Depend on Your Attitude

    At the end of this non-credit course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion suitable for framing. 
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Enrollment Length 1 Month
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $49.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor Judith Patino-Rodrigue

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